What is Email Marketing?
Ans. Email Marketing implies use of emails for marketing communication. The most popular form of email marketing in Optin List building, where an email marketer grows his/her own list and sends emails to the list with marketing messages along with useful information requested by the user.

What rules should I follow when doing Email Marketing?
Ans. Email marketing is an easy way to market but doing it wrong can pose several risks. The top risks to be aware of when doing email marketing are:
1. Violating the SPAM Act: When sending out emails the marketer has to be aware of the SPAM acts and regulation imposed in the country of the email recipient. We highly recommend reading email marketing best practices before you venture into email marketing. A good source of email marketing books is:
2. Permission Based Marketing: If you are using Email marketing for your affiliate promotions, you should strictly follow Matrigo Affiliate Terms and Conditions. All emails sent for affiliate promotion should be permission based. You should never send out an email without having sought permission from the recipient first.
3. Brand Awareness: No email sent as part of Matrigo affiliate promotion should have a negative impact on Matrigo brand. Complaints from users deemed to hurting Matrigo brand identity, can leads to termination of your Matrigo affiliate account.

It is highly recommended that you use email marketing with care and following email marketing guidelines when sending emails to users.

Do you have sample emails which I can look at for Email Marketing?
Ans. Provided below are sample email copies which you can modify according to your email marketing needs. Always make sure you follow email marketing guidelines when using these email creative:

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